Siya Tiwari credits agroforestry for unity and welfare of his family

Siya Tiwari is name of a humble farmer in village   Kundar, Naibasti, Tehsil Niwari, Distt-Tikamgarh (M.P). Poor farmer has two unemployed married sons. He owned 6 acre of land on roadside. Live fence of Prosopis juliflora on roadside was perpetuated for protection of crops against stray cattle. He has one dug well in his holding and grows seasonal crops for livelihood. Both of his sons migrated to cities in search of respectable jobs, but poor education came in way. They served as watchmen in industry and lived miserable life. Siya Tiwari was suggested to plant guava under agroforestry. He was facilitated in terms of quality planting material and technical guidance from ICAR-CAFRI. He planted guava in an area of 1.2 acre spaced 8×6 m during 2011. His guava started fruiting from 2014 onwards. He paid attention to his plantation and raised wheat during rabi and, blackgram in kharif and summer vegetable. In first two year, there was no loss in crop production due to trees. In third year there was about 20 % reduction in wheat but this loss was compensated by cultivation of blackgram in summer. On recommendation of ICAR-CAFRI, Scientists in 2012, he headed back 14 desi ber plants on his field bund and got them rejuvenated by Banarasi karaka an improved ber variety in July. During 2013, all 14 ber plants produced ber fruits each 5-20 kg which were sold at premium price in local market. His sons were regularly visiting parents at least once in a year. Now both of them have decided to stay back in village. One of them has opened a petty shop on the road near his holding and other is looking after croplands and plantation. He thanked ICAR-CAFRI for facilitating and guiding him in ensuring sustained production which brought back his sons to birth place.