Journey of small farmer from rag to rich through agroforestry interventions

Shri Salim, resident of village Shyamasi, Tehsil Niwari, Disst. Tikamgarh (M.P.) is now role model of marginal farmer of Ubaura. Shri Salim owns 3 acre of land along nallah. The other side of his holding is dense scrub forest of Annogeissus pendula. Shri Salim hardly could make his living from his piece of land as it was away (2 km) from his residence. He has one well near the nallah where from he irrigated his crop of wheat/gram in rabi. During kharif, he could not grow crops in 1/3 rd of his holding due to water logging. In top 2/3rd area he used to sow groundnut. Sometimes, preceding high rainfall, he grow summer vegetables in 1/3rd of area for cash. During the year scientists of the project convinced Shri Salim to adopt guava based AF system and grow crops as usual. He planted guava variety L-49 in 1.8 acre of land at 7×6 m spacing as such 172 plants were accommodated. Due to adjoining forest and blue bull pressure, he could save 94 plants upto 2014. He continued to grow groundnut in kharif and wheat in rabi in inter spaces and harvested satisfactory yields.

He rented in 6 acre of land on the other side of nallah, adjoining to his holding and grew blackgram in kharif and wheat in rabi. Consequent upon construction of one checkdam about 400 m above his holding and another 800 m below his holding (1.5 km distance between two consecutive structures in nallah) he had plentiful water to support both the crops and increase his income from farming. Although, two more shallow dug wells were constructed by different farmers in the same area as such now he rents in crop lands located about 600 m away from nallah and continues to harvest good crops. This enhanced his income and he bought plastic pipes to avoid conveyance loss of water. He added 5 hp pumping set on his well. Now he is a well to do farmer of the village. From 2014 onwards, he is not able to grow crop in guava planting but he is earning around ₹ 20000/per year from sale of fruits. Since guava starts ripening in early winters, there is no risk of changing climate on his earning. Besides guava he had about 15 ber plants along nallah and towards forest side. He got them top worked with improved variety “Banarasi Karaka”  as of now, he owns  8 top worked  ber plants and earns about Rs. 4000/ year from sale of  ber fruits in local market.