Eucalyptus Plantations at Mauranipur

Mr. Rajendra Sahu of village Dhorra, the Mauranipur, district Jhansi and Mr. N. Maheshwari of Jhansi adopted Eucalyptus based system in a big way.  Mr. Rajendra Sahu purchased tissue culture eucalyptus plants from ITC and Mr. Maheshwari purchased eucalyptus clones from

Pragati Biotech. Mr. Rajendra Sahu planted about 45000 plants of eucalyptus in about 12 ha. The average plant height after 2 years was about 7.5 m and 11.5 cm dbh.

Entrepreneurship developed

  • Institute conducted agriclinic and agribusiness and trained 115 youth for agripreneurship. Forty seven of them started their agribusiness entity. Twelve of them are still continuing their agribusiness in the field of input handling, soil testing, vermicomposting etc in different districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Such entrepreneurs are in contact with Institute from time to time.
  • Shri Chatrapal Pataria, Village Sanora, Dist Datia, M.P and Shri Praksah Ahirwar, Dist Tikamgarh, M.P have adopted ber budding has profession and earning livelihood.
  • Training and exposure visit on vermicomposting was conducted at institute consequently 6 farmers in village dhikoli, chhatpur, nayakheda, domogar have started vermicomposting to meet their manure requirement.
  • Four farmers have started nursery raising for vegetables particularly brinzal, tomato, eggplant in coco peat filled trays in village Dhikoli, Domogar and Nayakheda.
  • Ten farm women have started rearing goats which serve has alternate source of livelihood.