Tender Notice
  • F. No. 3-11/2020-21:Invitation of tender for purchase of Scientific Equipments at ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi, Near Pahuj Dam, Gwalior Road, Jhansi.
  • F. No. 3-13/2020-21:Invitation of tender for finishing work of Boundary Wall of T-VI Qtr. at Res. Campus, ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi
  • F. No. 3-14/2020-21:Invitation of tender for construction of Vehicle Shed (4 No. Compartments) at Office Campus, ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi.
  • F. No. 3-15/2020-21:Invitation of tender for repairing of Boundary Wall at Simardha Side, ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi.
  • F. No. 3-21/2020-21:Invitation of tender for Annual Rate Contract for hiring of vehicles at ICAR- Central Agroforestry Research Institute,  Jhansi.