On-going Research Projects
Project Code Title of Project/ Sub-project Year of Start Year of Termination Project Leader
AF 01.16 Evaluation of crops for shade tolerance under agroforestry systems 2007 2014 Dr. Badre Alam
AF 01.17 Analysis of Eucalyptus based agroforestry for crop- lands in Jhansi 2004 2013 Dr. A.K. Handa
AF 01.22 Studies on augmenting pistillate flowers with exogenous application of growth regulators and chemicals in Jatropha curcas 2007 2014 Dr. Badre Alam
AF 01.23 Comparative studies on seedling and clonal plants of Pongammia pinnata with special reference to thier adaptability to rainfed dry agroclimate 2007 2015 Dr. Badre Alam
AF 01.24 Studies on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of important MPTís. 2008 2016 Dr. Anil Kumar
AF 01.25 Development of soil quality index for assessing soil health of different agroforestry systems. 2008 2015 Dr. Rajendra Prasad
AF 02.12 Effect of irrigation on performance of aonla under agroforestry systems 2005 2015 Dr.R.K.Tewari
AF 02.14 Nutrient management in ber based agri-horti system 2010 2019 Dr.Sudhir Kumar
AF 03.9 Initiation of pruning and intensity on productivity of Albezia procera 2006 2020 Dr. Inder Dev
AF 04.1b Exploration, evaluation and conservation of germplasm of A. nilotica 2002 2014 Dr.S.Vimla Devi
AF 04.5 Genetics and breeding of Jatropha species 2004 2014 Dr.Sudhir Kumar
AF 04.6 Age-age correlation model for Juvenile selection of trees in agroforestry 2004 2014 Dr. R.H.Rizvi
AF 04.9 Assessment of candidate genes for oil biosynthesis in P. pinnata using eco-tilling approach 2012 2015 Dr.S.Vimla Devi
AF 05.6 Model Watershed project on natural resource management through agroforestry interventions at Garhkundar, Tikamgarh (M.P.) 2005 2016 Dr.R.K. Tewari
AF 05.10 Lac based agroforestry in Bundelkhand region: Introduction and evaluation 2008 2015 Dr. Sudhir Kumar
AF 05.11 Multi-Source Inventory Methods for Quantifying Carbon Stocks through Generalized Volume/ Biomass Equations for Prominent Agroforestry Species in India. 2011 2017 Dr. Ajit
** National network on integrated development of Jatropha and Karanj 2005 2011 Dr.Sudhir Kumar
** NICRA Project: Assessment of Carbon Sequestration Potential of Major Agroforestry Systems in India 2011 2017 Dr. Ram Newaj
** Model watershed for sustaining agricultural productivity and improved livelihoods (a) Domagor-Pahuj watershed (b) Parasai- Sindh Watershed 2009 2016 Dr. Ramesh Singh
*** Harvest and post harvest processing and value addition of natural resins, gums and gum resins. 2008 2014 Dr. Rajendra Prasad
* Agroforestry based Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Landuse and Improod Productivity. 2008 2014 Dr. Inder Dev
* New Project ** Outside Funded Project *** Network Project