National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture 

Assessment Of Carbon Sequestration Potential Of Selected Agroforestry Systems

Salient Achievement

  • Review of the current status of the proposed work plan and documentation.

  • Carbon content in different components of trees was analyzed using CHNS-O Analyzer. Carbon content ranges from 43.52 to 48.93% in different components of trees.

  • Root: shoot ratio in different trees was estimated and it varied from 0.23 to 0.49.

  • Field survey of Sultanpur (U.P) and Ludhiana (Punjab) has already been conducted and enumeration of existing tree species was done under various AFS system.  GIS and Remote Sensing techniques was used to map agroforestry areas in these districts.

  • The area under agroforestry varied from 3.43 to 10.41% of total geographical area of the districts.

  • The No. of trees available on farm lands in Sultanpur and Ludhina is 6.2 and 37.5 trees/ha, respectively.

  • The contribution of tree species exist on farmers field is in order of Eucalyptus tereticornis > Mangifera indica >Azadirachta indica> Madhuca latifolia > Dalbergia sissoo in Sultanpur and in Ludhiana the dominant trees are Populus deltoides, Eucalyptus tereticornis and  Melia  azedarach .

  • As per estimate of CO2Fix Model, carbon sequestration potential in AFS is 14.39 and 22.81 t C ha-1   in Sultanpur and Ludhiana, respectively and after 25-years it would be 18.77 and 31.05 t C ha-1, respectively in these districts.